have to study fist the policy

PRIVATE købs- og salgsannoncer som fx fejlkøbte løbesko, startnumre til motionsløb, tøj der ikke passer, pulsurer m.v.
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have to study fist the policy

Post by IvanjukovEG » Wed 25 Sep, 2019 18:27

No, Optimus costs 10-15 performance loss. I personally also prefer the m17x due to the easier access to all the main and important components.

Yes the 1080 hasn't been fit yet to run 100 properly, due to vBIOS flaws and power supply problems.

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have to study fist the policy

Post by SmirenskijRG » Fri 27 Sep, 2019 15:00

thank you for clarifying that matter. It still bothers me little , that the m18x r2 is at a hardware disadvantage. If I only use the m17xr4 for 3D matters it might justify keeping the m18x despite the throttled GPU use.
Maybe a future GPU release is compatible with the m18x given it an advantage, but then it would be compatible with the m17x as well though.

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have to study fist the policy

Post by FadejkinOL » Fri 27 Sep, 2019 19:35

thank you.
So it really seems that you only pay more for the m18x r2 due to the screen being bigger. This is a little annyoing.

But on the other hand you lose the option of 3D, using a 1070 if I understood that correctly. Except of course you run a second 3D supporting GPU, which I do not think is possible.

SO basically:
CPU:3940XM for both
GPU: GTX 1070 for both but runs better in the m17x r4
Screen:18 > 17but 120hz and 3D compatible

Maybe I should sell the m18x r2 and only use m17x r4. On the other hand is the big screen quite nice... hmm

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have to study fist the policy

Post by GrigorukRZ » Sun 29 Sep, 2019 19:04

1070 beats the 1060 in every aspect as it's bout 30 -35 more powerful.

Ok, as you have a m17x r3, that changes the game a little bit.
In the r3, 3d is limited to 680m as far as I know. Every card beyond that will need an unlocked BIOS and also need a deactivation of the internal sound chip IDT, as there are compatibility issues. Also note that the 880m is a heavily overclocked 780m, which thus is known for overheating and throttling.

There also is the 2960xm CPU.

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have to study fist the policy

Post by FadeinovFR » Mon 30 Sep, 2019 17:40

не с того ни с сего стала вылазить такая ошибка
Invalid Password
You have no entry to the server
Играл на сервере долгое время , ничего подобного не было , читал также что это может быть из-за использования ника админа, но я ники админов не использую , в чем проблема?

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have to study fist the policy

Post by VarivodaTQ » Mon 30 Sep, 2019 22:01

been away for a while teaching myself C.

The stations are there, but I purposly put them waaaaay out so they would not intefere with any of the default stations or traffic. They are very small at that distance. I usually have to visually scan the area using zoom to find them, and even then, I find them more by accident while Im travelling thru a sector....

If anyone is interested, I could look into having some sort of message sent to the player log when you enter a sector that has and abandoned station. Something like Unknown Encroachment, or Unidentified Object at long range or something like that.

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have to study fist the policy

Post by PistovIX » Wed 02 Oct, 2019 18:59

Really? How did I not hear this till now? What happened? I know he was up there a bit in age, but havent heard anything about him in a while.

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Re: have to study fist the policy

Post by BenVon7 » Wed 18 Mar, 2020 05:21

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