Get away! awesome guy types There is no better fan like this.

Debat om forbyggelse og behandling af løbeskader og genoptræning
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Get away! awesome guy types There is no better fan like this.

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Actually love is a beautiful thing. And being in love is a good thing too. But not everyone has good love, especially the "dreadful" behavior of men that causes women today to choose to stay single rather than have a boyfriend or to marry or have a family.

We don't want you to prejudice with men, but "If it's bad, don't have it." Well, when it's bad, why is it? Having a girlfriend should be able to support each other. And modern women like us make a choice too, so if you meet a guy like this, run away!

1. A man is selfish, can only be a gentleman.
If you can avoid it, do not use this type of guy to make a girlfriend. No matter how melted Because he doesn't really love you, he loves himself, he keeps getting some more nasty people. Like those who used to pump the blood of the dead When the benefits are exhausted Or even when eating together Do not feed, no matter, but if we have to spend all the money we can't pay This can still take advantage of each other. If you go with it, you will only be suffering with empty hearts and still not making your life any better.

2. Man flirting When unaware is always unfaithful
Actually, all men are flirting, managing their charm normally. To be less dependent on conscience But if you're in a relationship with us, shouldn't it? Not just hurt But it is to disrespect each other Or may not even love Some men don't end with flirting. But you want to be unfaithful too Therefore, it is not fun if you have to sit in the mind that our lover is betraying us or not. Which has to be followed by another wipe.

3. A liar man pretends not to keep his promise.
Nobody likes liars. Do not say, but be a fan. With everyone we trust If you lie to each other then you will regret and lose all your feelings. Being betrayed by someone you trust It's all numb. My heart aches Which are not just those who are false Talented only Those who do not keep their promises too. Because breaking the promise is a lie That quoting beautiful words to make us feel good But in the end, it was just a breath that came out and disappeared.

4. Men do not take the bay, do not take pride, do not take anything.
The type of man who moves Living a life without essence, lazy days of my father Well, if there's no future like this, it's not possible, right? Every woman who meets, walks away from each other. Who dares to risk life with people without the future? Life size itself is still indifferent. I did not survive. How do you hope to take care of your sickness? Well, it's not good, we have to wait for a feast again. Take it as a burden Is more of a weight in life than a lover.

5. A man with a strong temper. The fuss hurt the body.
Men who hurt women when women can't fight It's a very serious behavior. It's illegal. I got angry and even started to attack my body, I was not satisfied with the slap like my heart. Leap better. If the step-parents had never done so violently So who is this man that we would let him hurt? So if you meet someone like this, just run away if you don't want to be bruised and bruised at the hands of this bad guy.

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