Brown Paper Bag Machine price

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Brown Paper Bag Machine price

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New world-C series semi automatic brown paper bag machine
New world-C series semi automatic brown paper bag machine is suitable for varied primary and printed rolling paper, such as Kraft paper, slick paper, coated paper, medico paper and so on.
If the production of kraft brown paper bags is large, the whole printing can be carried out first. According to the customer's requirements, the advertising content can be printed in color, the company LOGO, color advertising slogan, and the company phone should be highlighted obviously. Then the cutting, heat sealing and paste production can be carried out according to the size.Kraft paper bag is mainly through the deep indentation line to avoid the rebound deformation, and then the machine punch stick rope by artificial through the rope steps to operate.
Main machine parameters:
The paper gram30-100gsm
Max.Paper Roll Diameter1200mm
Max. Width of roll paper900mm
Width of finished bag80-330mm
Cutting length110-400mm/150-720mm
Length of finished bag175-760mm
Depth of organ12-60mm
Max speed500pcs/min
Host servo motor5.5kw
Traction servo motor3.5kw
Tron hole servo motor3.5kw
Snap servo motor3.5kw
Total power16kw
Total weight5500kg
Overall Dimension(L脳W脳H)11000脳1780脳2530mmBrown Paper Bag Machine price

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